What Makes Us Unique.

20 Years Experience. We are locally owned and operated

We are not your average property management company.

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We have so many ways to get you to your goal whether it is selling or buying your home, land or lot or if you have a distressed property. We guarantee an offer on your property within 24 hours through one of the many investors we serve. If you are looking for top dollar, we can do that too.

Give us a call at 770-324-3680 and lets talk.

Two things you will notice that makes us unique is that you can actually get us on the phone and you are working with Broker/Owners so any issues are resolved quickly.

Property Management North Metro Atlanta

Georgia Rental Group is a licensed full service property management company located in Cherokee County, Canton, GA. We provide comprehensive management services for rental property owners.

Tri-Fold Comprehensive Landlord Services Program

Georgia Rental Group offers a complete, turn-key solution for landlords. We call this our Tri-Fold, Comprehensive Landlord Services Program.

The three areas covered by our program include the following:

1. Property Acquisition and Preparation

If you are looking to buy rental property, we will find suitable rentals that match your criteria. Once you own a property, we will consult with you about the preparations needed to get it in rent ready condition.

Our knowledge of the local rental market in the North Metro Atlanta area will help you to understand what needs to be done to your property to attract the best tenants at the highest rental rate in the market. We will also advise you to save money by not making unnecessary upgrades that have no effect on getting better tenants or a higher rent rate.

When tenants move out, we will assist in making the property rent ready quickly in order to find new tenants as fast as possible.

We will coordinate with contractors and vendors as needed to prepare your property for rent. We save you the time and hassle of doing this yourself.

2. Tenant Screening and Placement

Do you enjoy finding potential tenants, screening them properly, and then doing the move-in inspection in accordance with Georgia real estate law? No?

Our years of experience working with tenants and our knowledge of landlord tenant laws enable us to effectively market your house for rent, screen applicants, and place the best, qualified tenants into your property.

We run background checks and credit checks on all applicants. The processes and procedures we use are in accordance with fair housing regulations and we have a proven track record of consistently finding and placing tenants into rental property.

3. Daily Property Management Services

Our property management and landlord services are not limited to once a month rent collection. We train tenants when to call us if your property needs attention. We are available during normal business hours to assist tenants with their everyday rental questions and we are also available to respond to emergencies such as a burst pipe late at night.

Your property is professionally managed to deal with tenant problems as well as problems with the property itself. We rarely encounter a problem tenant who needs to be evicted, but when we do, we know how to quickly and efficiently handle the eviction process and move on to finding another tenant as soon as possible to fill the vacancy.

Our efficient rent collection process includes making direct deposits into your bank account so you don’t miss out on the monthly cash flow you expect from your rental property.

Summary of Landlord Property Management Services

Here is a list of some things that are included in our Tri-Fold, Comprehensive Landlord Services Program:

Rental Listing
Utilities Management
Insurance Claims
Tenant Screening and Placement
Emergency Service Calls
Rent & Late Fee Collection
Eviction Notices & Evictions
Move-In / Move-Out Inspections
Cleaning Services
Property Renovation & Repair

Personal Cherokee County Property Management Services

Georgia Rental Group is a well established property management company based in Cherokee County. We manage property like a big national company but with personal services for landlords. Plus, we are local and have 20 years experience. We have the staff, systems, and procedures in place to provided the professional services you need to manage your investment property.

Sandra Watkins is the owner and Broker of Georgia Rental Group and she is always available to talk to you about your rental property.

You may call or text Sandra on her cell phone at 770-324-3680.

Give Sandra a call or send her a text today. And you will receive a friendly response and quickly find out why she in known as The Rental Nerd.

Georgia Tenant Landlord Laws

When you have a professional, licensed real estate Brokerage managing your property, you can be assured that your actions are compliant with Georgia Tenant Landlord Laws. Many landlords who attempt to manage their own property struggle to understand how to best comply with the Georgia real estate laws which address how they should treat tenants.

As a landlord you should be aware of Georgia Tenant Landlord Laws. You may do something that you believe to be a good business practice which in fact breaks the law. Your mistake may cost you a lot of money. Call Sandra today to discuss your rental property at 770-324-3680.



Our Services


Tenants are able to pay online for convenience and Owners can receive their funds quickly by ACH which will deposit your funds into your account.


Screening for right tenant is the first step in protecting your property. We screen our tenants in house. Never using a third party. Tenants are screened with credit checks, past eviction reports, criminal background checks, verifying income and checking what we can find online using social media to see exactly who we are screening. This adds another layer of protection.


We never want to lose out on that perfect tenant. We make it very easy for agents to show and using Rently.com tenants can view immediately. We want to make showings as simple and fast as possible.


Inspections are done on your home every 4 months so we can identify any routine maintenance that needs to be done as well as to make sure the tenants are taking care of your home. We have trusted contractors to make sure repairs are completed quickly and correctly.

Meet the Team

Sandra Watkins

Sandra Watkins

Broker / Owner


Sandra is not only the broker of Georgia Rental Group, she is also Associate Broker with Re/Max Town & Country. With 20 years of experience you can rest easy knowing your investment is in good hands.

John Marion

John Marion



Brook Perez

Brook Perez

Sales Associate / Leasing Agent


Sheri Watkins

Sheri Watkins

Office Manager


Sheri is our office manager and handles day to day operations including scheduling repairs, collecting rent and making sure our owners get their funds in a timely manner.